One of our clients brought in a copy of Susan Boyles album this week. A discussion began about how lovely Susan’s voice was and how well she could sing, everyone agreed that they felt she believed in every word she sang, and therefore sang with real feeling. Street life can make you see things from a very different point of view our clients are very canny and pick up any thing phoney instantly, in fact it can seem quite judgemental because they dismiss people and issues very easily. However Susan was the real deal they stated knowingly to me, they spoke about her so warmly, about her life, cat and her desire to stay in her own home.  They decided that Susan wasn’t in it for the money in fact they thought she might give much of it away. They were convinced that Susan was in it purely for her love of singing and entertaining others.

I’m not writing anything new here about how inspirational Susan Boyles story is but for me it was a real privilege on Monday to listen to 3 or 4 of my clients chatting away in positive terms about Susan and what she has accomplished. For them her story is encouraging because they can relate to it, life on a housing estate, being identified as different from others, possibly isolated and picked on but having a dream and following that dream. That’s the bit where there stories may differ many people on the streets lose hope and they dare not dream any more because it can be all to painful. But it’s never to late to have a dream however old you are or what ever circumstances you face. I believe that’s part of our job at Ben’s is to restore hope and encourage people to dream again. So thank you Susan, yet another little corner of the world that your life and voice has touched.