This is quite a sad day for me (Sue), as I am leaving Ben’s Centre after nearly four and half years. This will be my last blog! After being off sick for a while I felt my time here at Bens has come to an end. I have so enjoyed working here and shall miss all the staff and the clients. There have been some very special times, and some times too that were not quite so special, which is inevitable working with our clients! It is an amazing place where incredible work goes on, often far beyond the call of duty. Ben’s is a place of hope and tenacious loving care for clients who are often forgotten and do seem to be hopeless to a lot of people. At Bens nobody is ever seen without hope, and because of this clients are encouraged to try new skills and persevere with ones long forgotten. Clients begin to remember the people they once were and begin to see that perhaps not all is lost and there may be a way through for them with help from the staff at Bens and other agencies. It is a generous place where excellence is aimed for, not always attained but small steps are taken with patience and help, and often produce an abundance of hidden talents and the discovery of some dreams which may seem more in reach. It is a restful place too where clients can step outside of the many pressures they experience having an alcohol problem in Sheffield. Ben’s Centre can be fun too. I have shared lots of laughter and fun. It can also be a very sad and hurting place where some difficult and painful times are shared too. So it is goodbye, but a big thank you to Wendy, Kay, Jane and the many other staff and volunteers who all have made it such a special time for me. A final thank you to our clients who I shall so miss, but know they are in safe hands and the good work will continue. Please keep reading the blog and supporting Ben’s Centre in whatever way you are able too. It is a very special place, with very special people.