Kay continues to promote health at Ben’s Centre, this months focus been diabetes. A range of activities have been put together to help increase clients knowledge of the illness. One of these activities included scouring the internet for delicious recipes that were of course ‘diabetic friendly’, as we all know sweet treats are hard to resist at the best of times. These recipes have so far been a huge success with staff, volunteers and clients all in agreement that last weeks pear and oat crumble was yummy! This week we plan to continue with the baking with a client coming in to help out to, on the menu today, delicious strawberry and blueberry muffins made with whole meal flour and a low calorie sweetener by Splenda been used as an alternative to sugar, to ensure the desert will still be diabetic friendly. All this practice in the kitchen will certainly be coming to good use as sadly we say goodbye to our part time cook Jane this week, who plans to spend her retirement taking care of her grand daughter. With funding still being pretty tight, Wendy will be encouraging further ‘multi-skilling’ with staff, volunteers and clients all chipping in to help out in the centre.