Many people comment on how colourful Ben’s Centre is when they come inside.  Our walls are decorated with an array of displays clients have created such as felt making, our stained glass window, the tree of life and most recently we have been experimenting with marbling.

One of Ben’s challenges is creating activities that are accessible to clients.  Clients can lose confidence in their abilities and can be hesitant to try new things.  This is why marbling is perfect for Ben’s as it is a very quick and simple technique yet achieves spectacular results.

Marbling dates back centuries but still has the same striking effects as ever.  Using a small tray of water, and some oil paints, we dropped several different colours of paints into the water and gave it a little stir.  We then placed a piece of paper on top of the paints and after a few seconds, we removed the paper.  The pattern the oil paints have made transfers to the paper revealing an unusual pattern. 

What we love about this craft is that it takes minimum effort yet has maximum effect!  We have found clients who wouldn’t usually partake in activities having a go because it is fun but very easy.  Everyone who had a go created something beautiful and unique.  They are another edition to our walls, making Ben’s even more colourful!

We are hoping to add even more colour to our lives tomorrow as clients and staff are going on a trip to a butterfly house.  Rumour leads us to believe we are in for a real treat as we visit the butterflies and witness their spectacular patterns and colours.