The best laid plans of mice and men do not always come to pass.  Unfortunately last week’s trip for service users to Castleton began with high anticipation and lots of sandwich making but ended with no clients.  Well the truth was we did have some clients but unfortunately out of the 6 people who stood on Orange Street, 3 claimed they had no intention of coming with us to Castleton and the 3 who did were all under the influence of alcohol and it would have been too unsafe to take them on a trip.  This caused some tension and tears, the tension was created because clients can enter Bens intoxicated but for health and safety reasons can’t go on a trip in the same condition.

By arranging trips, client’s expectations increase of what they are capable of. Clients may be eager to try new things, but they are also struggling with chronic addictions.  This ended with 9 people saying they wanted to go, but none actually coming due to their battle with their addictions. 

At Bens we don’t give up.  Many trips do go to plan and we do manage to have an enjoyable day out with clients, but the reality of working at Bens and with our clients, is sometimes things don’t always turn out the way we expected.

Speaking of enjoyable days out Bens will be at the Broomhill Festival this coming Saturday 19th June as one of four charities in 2010 that they are raising money for.  We are having a stall at the garden party 2pm at St. Marks.  Here Wendy, Kay and some clients will be selling things that we have made at Bens. 

Hope to see you there!