As Ben’s Centre is funded for just 48 weeks a year we do have regular holidays when we close the centre giving everyone who works, volunteers and uses the centre a break. Our annual summer holiday begins tomorrow and for Kay and I (Wendy) we are ready for a two week rest. It has been a hard 6 months with the extreme winter weather and then the lack of staff. The weather could actually be described as Summer at the moment and other services in the city of Sheffield are open and will be willing to help all those in need while we are closed. So although it will be hard for clients that we are closed it will not be impossible for them.

It is difficult to make the decision to close but it is important that we look after our staff and volunteers to enable us to provide further services at Ben’s centre throughout the rest of the year. It also helps to counter those people who become so dependant on others helping them that it can if not checked by staff undermine their independence skills. We wouldn’t be helping anyone move on if their life if they couldn’t survive a two weeks on their own wits.

We open again on Thursday 8th July at 10.30am, hopefully fully rested and eager to begin the second half of 2010. See you then.