I can’t believe that we are struggling with snow again. If you read back to our blog reports in January, February and March 2010 we were struggling with what we thought at the time was the worst winter weather for a long time. Now here we are in December 2010 ending the year as it started with severe snow and cold weather. The street drinkers we are working with are struggling through and just about managing but it is far from easy for them. I am just hoping this weather breaks and doesn’t continue through into 2011. We have spent time making sure everyone is dressed appropriately we encourage people to wear layers which will help them with the cold whether they are rough sleeping or living in a tenancy unfortunately most haven’t got heating and are struggling to stay warm.

We have two people who are continuing to rough sleep through the weather they feel quite intimidated at the thought of staying in any temporary accommodation which Sheffield Council would provide them with temporarily while the weather stays below zero. So we try and make sure both are managing and support them the best way we can. We have managed to stay open through the weather and at least for 4 hours a day 4 times a week our clients have had somewhere warm to come and access to a hot meal.

If anyone can help we desperately need men’s clothing they must be washable we need in particular:  Winter coats fleece and waterproofs, sleeping bags, boots and walking shoes that can cope with the snow and ice and jumpers and jeans. If you are in Sheffield you can drop them into the centre Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.30am to 4.30pm. This would really help us and all our clothing goes directly to our clients and will quite literally help them survive the winter.