Radio Sheffield sent a reporter to Ben’s centre during the recent snowy weather to record an interview with myself and clients views on rough sleeping in the extreme cold. Catherine the reporter spoke Keith who has slept outside throughout the last 4 weeks of snow, ice and minus temperatures. He was a real star and his words touched many who heard the piece on Radio. He spoke from his heart about what he was experiencing and he didn’t complain or blame anyone he was realistic about the fact that his circumstances where due to his chronic alcohol dependency. He went on to say that he often goes and sits by the River Don and watches the wild life, the ducks and the birds and thinks to himself that they survive in the cold weather so why can’t he, and then he thinks, “but I’m human.” Radio Sheffield is going to rerun Keith’s interview on the 30th December between 10-11am on Radio Sheffield.

On the back of the interview we have had a number of people come to the centre and donate warm clothing including coats which we were desperately in need of. So we would like to say a really big thank you to everyone who has thought about the centre and our clients needs and donated clothing.

Ben’s Centre is closing today until January 4th, the Christmas project HARC (Homeless & Roofless at Christmas) will be open at the Broom Hall Community centre from 9.30am-7.30pm from Christmas Eve until 3rd January.