A massive congratulations and a huge thank you goes out to our local athlete Emma Bentley! As we reported on a previous blog Emma was taking part in the Tough Guy event in Leicestershire; for those unfamiliar with the event it is not for the weak hearted! The gruelling event consists of an eight mile run in freezing and severely muddy conditions and amongst other barbaric challenges is an assault course aptly named “The Killing Fields” where the racers endure barbed wire obstacles, jumping through, and over fire and avoiding electric shocks! All this while wading through freezing bogs and swampy pools of filthy water with hundreds of equally insane and exhausted competitors, what fun! Below is a link to some footage of a previous event if you don’t quite believe what your reading!




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Were sure you’ll agree that Emma deserves massive congratulations just for making it out alive! The staff team and clients would like to thank Emma for raising an amazing £276.22 towards funding Ben’s Centre.


Thanks Emma, you are a star and you’re obviously fitter than all of us put together!