Once again Ben’s Centre has been blessed by a number of people and organisations without whom we simply could not do what we do! For greatly appreciated donations we would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to:Emily Weircroft Charitable trust; thanks for your donation, we hope next year’s AGM is better timed for your attendance; we would love to meet you in person! Shellshock publishing; you’re continual support is more than generous and massively appreciated; it really does help to change people’s lives! Residents in Lodge Moor; Our newest donators; thank you so much for your kind donations, they are always appreciated and always put to good use, thanks! BT Community Connections team; your scheme has given us invaluable funding resources to enable and support our clients; without which the quality of their lives would surely suffer.

In other news: Staff at Ben’s Centre are extremely delighted to announce that after months of sweat and tears we can finally open the Ben’s Centre shower for business! The difference this will make to our service provision is huge and clients will benefit day in day out! Especial thanks goes out to Sam Davy at HCP for her support in this more-than worthwhile venture!