As you may have heard on Radio Sheffield and in The Star recently, Ben’s Centre is facing homelessness! After nearly 18 years of residency in Sheffield we are now in the process of trying to secure new premises in Sheffield town centre. We are not an “attractive” charity and, as a result this is proving to be a tough task indeed so we are asking anyone who has any ideas or contacts who could help to get in touch as soon as possible! On a more positive note!

Business, for now, is as usual and we ran a sweepstake alongside the World cup. Congratulations to Olive Roberts and Christian Hemmingway for picking the winners! IMAG0503_1_1


Our new “Reach-out program” is going really well, we are trying to bring our services to the more vulnerable people of Sheffield and it seems that there are lots of people in need of help, whether it’s with housing issues, alcohol dependency, homelessness or just basic things like water, food and sleeping bags.

Stay tuned for more updates in these uncertain times and, at the very least keep your fingers crossed that we can find somewhere to put our roots down and do what we do best!