DSC01061DSC01040DSC01055 As a big thank you for the generous and continued support that the members of Banner Cross Methodist Church have shown Bens Centre over the years, The staff, volunteers and clients of Bens Centre decided to go to the church and cook for the group.

Led by Sue and supported by the awesome Trudy, the group enjoyed three delicious courses and were able to use the opportunity to talk about the great work the service does, whilst meeting some of the people that make it possible. Over 30 people attended the event on Friday 28th of August, many of which had contributed to the running of the service without ever meeting any of us. That generous and magnanimous support given without an agenda or prejudice is greatly appreciated by a service often facing ignorance and undeserved fear of our client group and work, this means we can provide fluid and dynamic service that enables us to react to the ever changing needs of our client group. The meal was fantastic, not only the food, which was beautiful but also the opportunity to speak to people about their views on what the issues are in our local area.

It was pleasing to hear people talking about others in such an educated and understanding way, talking about peoples strengths and positives instead of complaining about the differences and challenges they can cause. The event was fun and relaxed, and it appeared that everyone enjoyed themselves and gained a great deal from the day. Another theme of discussion was about self belief and caring for each other, “I find it sad that people don’t believe in themselves, if we can show that we care maybe they will start to believe in themselves…” I think after this event, anyone that attended will be taking a bit more time to care for each other.

Thanks again to Trudy and everyone in the kitchen for the fantastic food, and a big thank you to all that attended and contributed to a fantastic day.