partridge_1-large_trans++ZgEkZX3M936N5BQK4Va8RWtT0gK_6EfZT336f62EI5UThis morning Bens Centre was involved in a live on air debate regarding the issue of Anti-Social behaviour on West Street. The debate was sparked by the recent decision to grant another license on the street to sell alcohol 24 hours a day. The hearing on Thursday was attended by a number of groups objecting to the license based on the current levels of anti-social behaviour and crime in the area. Unfortunately due to way licenses are granted it was impossible to block this application, we were able however to make the council hear our voice and we were able to get them to agree to look at the proposed 'Alcohol Saturation Zone' of the area which mean we are better able to control the area from a health perspective.

We also managed to build a great dialogue with the retailer that intend to trade with the new licence, Aslan himself attended the meeting and as a gesture offered to reduce the hours of sale, making the sale of alcohol in his new shop would start at 9am not the proposed 7am. He agreed it would make very little difference to his business, but was very aware what a difference that would make to Bens clients. We have agreed to continue a dialogue with Aslan as he appears as keen as us to sort out this problem.

This discussion will be continuing tomorrow at the SRSB building just of west street at 6:30 pm, all welcome.

If you missed the debate this morning, follow the link