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One Stroppy Iguana

After we published last week’s blog, we realised that we had hinted about a stroppy iguana but had failed to tell you why we characterized him in this way. Well, this iguana was wading around the glasshouse at the butterfly farm, weaving in and out of the tropical fauna. He swaggered along the top of the wooden bridge and happened upon our small group… As he had approached us, we felt a photo opportunity was on the cards and one by one we tried to capture the shot with the iguana! The iguana obviously hadn’t read the brief and when he approached Kay, who to her credit was moving out of his way, he took exception to her movements and whipped the end of his tale against her arm…ouch! At which point we bowed to his supremacy and moved out of his way. However, Michael got the shot and we were all very impressed with our service user’s skills. What do you think?