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Pool Table

We have a really good pool table in the Centre. As we pursue other activities we are gradually weaning clients off the idea that this is all they can do! Many would just love to come into Bens and read the paper, play pool and perpetuate a ‘pub’ like atmosphere but without the alcohol! Having said that the pool table is a place where often clients unwind and begin to enjoy themselves. Life is hard and clients often forget how to have fun and laugh. So we value the table and the part it plays in our client’s lives.staff& pool table09 009

As you can see our table needs recovering desperately, and it is amazing to see how it has lasted so long, especially when clients use it so often. This is very costly and in the grand schemes of things at the moment other essential items like food, our rent, and staffing take priority and there is no money left in the pot for this. We have had many discussions with staff and clients too how we could get this table recovered. None of the ideas as yet have materialized but we are hopeful that one day one will. Have any of our readers any ideas? We would be open to any suggestions and look forward to hearing from you. There has to be a way to get this recovered and hopefully we will find it with your help.