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Staff laugh at me a lot...

Staff laugh at me a lot as I tend not to remember where I have left my reading glasses and I do the usual squint which helps me to focus more clearly…and find my glasses! It’s hard when you can’t see very clearly and it can become very frustrating too. I have mentioned before that one of the most valuable things we have ever done in the Centre was to go and buy a selection of reading glasses and allow the client’s to use them. They have become very popular and have opened up many more ways for the clients to become independent, using the telephone and filling in forms, and also to engage with activities too. Unfortunately glasses get lost and broken easily when you are intoxicated, so our supplies are dwindling rapidly. Clients are able to have an eye-test and a free pair of glasses every two years on the National Health Service with the benefits they are on. But the prescription pair, although obviously more suited to clients, tend to go the way that the ones we give out do.

Walking into the Centre this morning our wall of stained glass was looking so beautiful and has been a real success with our clients. Although not finished yet it is a lovely example of client’s enjoying an activity and has brought out some hidden creativity in many.

Mondays are our big crossword day. It’s a hard one to complete as the prize is £1,000. It has become a group activity and what we don’t manage to finish today, Edwin, our volunteer on Tuesdays usually manages to complete. We have yet to win the money!

All these activities are good and are made more enjoyable when the client can read the clues and see the activity in front of them clearly with the glasses we provide.

So very soon another trip to purchase some more glasses; [any bought glasses in the range of 2-3.5 would be greatly appreciated. We cannot accept prescription glasses]. In the meantime today’s activities are out in our little garden. We are going to plant some bulbs as the weather is so glorious. It also speaks to us and our clients of hope and expectation, as we know in the Spring we will have a beautiful colourful display.