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World Snooker Championship Qualifers 3rd Round

Our blog has a new writer today, Keith one of our clients has written about his trip with Ben's Centre to see Jimmy White in the World snooker qualifers 3rd round match against Mark Boyle. Two clients were invited to attend the match by Ben's Centre as part of our new reward scheme one client was chosen for achievemnet and one for effort. I'll let Keith tell you the rest. Wednesday 3rd March 2010 10 am

 I try to belong to a place where people such as I have a drink problem. The place where this is gives people opportunities to do something else other than drink, also they give us some respect that we are not just dossers.

 We see that we are not neglected and that people do care and try to help us.

 The other day, the manager at the drink centre, said to me “would you like to go to see Jimmy White play snooker, for the qualifying rounds in the world championships?”  I was flabbergasted! to see not just Jimmy White, but to be accepted in a place where I thought I would never get to go, gives me the initiative, that people do care.

 I arrived at our meeting place Ben’s Centre to go to the game. In my mind maybe Wendy (who runs the centre) may have been apprehensive of how I may turn up i.e. drunk.

 Giving respect, I turned up sobber, quite excited and could not wait to get to the venue, although we got on two wrong trams! and I was getting apprehensive, we finally arrived at the venue.

 On getting our seats, we were so fortunate to get seats right in front of table three, which featured Jimmy White!

 I will never forget the occasion and enjoyed the game, the atmosphere was electric and I loved it so much.

Being an alcoholic, I miss things like this and realise what life I have missed. I think Wendy was troubled how I would react, for instance, is he going to shout? Upset the game? No, it was an experience I will never forget. Jimmy White won the game despite his opponent playing a slow game, to frustrate Jimmy. Being a gentleman that Jimmy is, he got into his stride, clearing the table with a 132 break, he was so cool and I really enjoyed, and participated with the crowd, being quiet and I watched a genius at work.

Thankyou Wendy.