Ben's Centre is a self referral service, you can attend at any time and we will book an assessment for you within a few days (sometimes later that day if you're early).

If you are a professional and would like to refer a client, you can email us through the contact page and we will be in touch to arrange this with you.



day service

Ben's Centre offers a drop in day service on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 10.30am and 2.30pm. We provide a hot meal and access to clothing and washing facilities as well as internet access and activities. We also use the time to support people trying to link with services and provide practical help to achieve this.

Probably the thing our clients appreciate most about this time is the opportunity to take a break from the challenges of life on the city's streets and the chance to spend time talking to someone that is able to listen and empathise with their circumstances to support with making the first steps to change them. 



food and clothing

At Ben's we understand that one of the many challenges faced by our clients is nutrition. The effect of our clients lifestyle on their physical health makes daily tasks even more challenging and limits the opportunity for making better choices for the future. By simply offering breakfast and a hot meal at lunch time we are able to give our clients a much better chance of bettering their circumstances, should they wish to. 

We also offer clothing, sleeping bags and rucksacks. This is especially needed during the winter months and means that people don’t have to remain in the wet and dirty clothes they arrive in. Practically this makes it easier to get and remain warm, but also gives the individual a little more dignity and self respect.



outreach service

Ben's Centre staff are currently out and about in Sheffield four times a week to connect with individuals in need.

If you have questions or intel regarding this subject then please contact the Outreach Team on 07771897086



advice and support

A number of Ben's clients have difficulty accessing traditional services in the city, this can make moving forward even more challenging. Ben's Centre staff are able to support the clients to make appointments and phone calls to services, this support and advice can often be the difference that makes for a more positive outcome. Staff have regular updates on services on offer in the city and monitor and support clients after a referral has been made to ensure they receive the best support and opportunities.



advocacy and a voice 

Our clients face a great deal of prejudice and stigma, this makes representing themselves difficult from the start. We are able to offer them a voice and support them to make decisions that can help them to move forward in their lives. This process can be very challenging for both the client and the worker, but without the opportunity to better themselves our work would not be worthwhile; supporting and challenging an individual to change is one of the many things Ben's Centre does quietly and very effectively in our city.